O'Reilly Is Right about Black-on-Black Crime

Kudos to Bill O'Reilly for pointing out the dangers of black-on-black crime and the simplistic focus of Obama, Sharpton and the race-baiters on Zimmerman's atypical and idiosyncratic shooting of Trayvon Martin.

In telling the truth, O'Reilly runs the risk of being considered a bigot or profiler by the prejudiced black and liberal communities. 

It is worth it.  He at least has the chance of saving the blacks from themselves and their failure to correct their masochistic behavior.  Under the influence of the Jesse Jacksons of the world, the blacks have become a blame-them society, pointing at melting-pot American culture to explain their unemployment and their failed families.  They think it is cooler to join hip-hop society than to achieve academic excellence.

I have always loved blacks.  I don't know why.  But it's a form of prejudice in their favor.  I have boxed with them and rapped with them.  I have been in jail with them. 

I felt a little out of place in jail.  White Jews don't commit too many crimes.  Still, I felt more embarrassed for my black friends.  They should have been ashamed at how many of them were incarcerated.  Actually, many of them were.  Cons don't blame the system for their crimes and punishments, like their brothers on the outside do.  They accept the blame for what they did.  They are not race-baiters or crybaby liberals.

My friends haven't been the most sophisticated blacks.  They've been street folk, even though I once came from the upper-middle class.  They accepted me as one of their own.  My black friends always had good senses of humor and were great for a chuckle.  I am still working in a boxing gym, and I clown around with them every day. 

Maybe it's because they are boxers, and boxers tend to be real men who don't complain like the Sharptons of the world.  They don't blame the Zimmermans of the world for their problems.  They are good, real people whom I like to hang out with.

When I was in jail, about a hundred of us sat in the rec room watching OJ escaping the police in his Bronco.  My black friends didn't sympathize with OJ.  They yelled at the television, "Kill the motherf*****."  What a difference from the outside blacks who later cheered his getting off for a double-homicide.  It's embarrassing, but the guys have more principles in jail than out of it.

An old white friend of mine, Gary Braverman of Don King's crew, once told me that he knocked Sharpton out in a fistfight.  This is the same Braverman who robbed Paul Simon twice in a night.  Figures about Sharpton.  He is all mouth and no bite and fights with gossip and hatred rather than his fists.

I have a Ph.D.  Most of my black friends don't.  Who cares?  I am not a phony liberal who cherishes Ivy League schools and high salaries.  I was once rich.  I am no longer. 

All I ask of my black brothers is that they quit leaving their women and that they develop family values, something communism negates and liberals look down on.  Something that O'Reilly believes is key to their success.

Men who leave their women and children should be severely punished, maybe jailed.  I am sick of sociologists telling men and women that they should find happiness by breaking up.  The sixties promoted separation.  I'm sorry that we have returned to those abominable days.  Liberals seem to think that their own happiness is more important than what they can contribute to the happiness of others or their children or their spouses.

I am part of the black crowd, not like a phony liberal.  I am spiritually with them even though I am white.  I do not regard them like liberals do -- as ideological causes -- and envision them as objects of political correctness.  Most of the time when I am hanging with them, I do not even know that they are black until some pariah like Sharpton pops out of the racial jack-in-the-box and reminds me that somewhere down the line, one of my great-grandfathers wasn't nice to them.

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