Diane Lane to Channel Hillary Clinton

If ever there were proof that Hollywood liberals are delusional, it was when NBC announced that in preparation for 2016, fetching actress Diane Lane will star in a Hillary Clinton miniseries. Casting Diane Lane as Hillary Clinton is kind of like having Brad Pitt star as Harry Reid. Nonetheless, the miniseries will subject viewers to four hours of a). Trying to figure out why in the world Diane Lane ever agreed to play Hillary Clinton; and b). How in tarnation Oscar-nominated director Courtney Hunt managed to make it seem as though the Whitewater scandal, the death of Vince Foster, Hillary's naked ambition, and her rumored involvement in covering up accusations of Bill's limitless sexual improprieties warranted Mrs. Clinton assuming the position of first female president. NBC will air the miniseries before Hillary Clinton formally announces that she'll be running again in 2016. According to top entertainment executive Robert Greenblatt, that decision was made to ensure that other...(Read Full Post)