Congressional Act Mandated Sharia-Compliant Jails And Prisons In America

I worked in Colorado law enforcement for twenty years.  During my nearly thirteen years with a major Denver-Metro Sheriff's Office as a Deputy and Detective, I remember only too well the annual approach of the month of Ramadan - the Muslim holy month of fasting during daylight hours. By policy, prisoner meal schedules were altered, to accommodate the Shariah (Muslim law).  During Ramadan, a hot breakfast was served to all inmates before sunrise.  Sack lunch dinners were brought to fasting Muslims' cells after sundown.  Year-round, an Imam came into the jail on Fridays for afternoon prayers. If you're wondering, as I always do, how a theo-political totalitarian ideology such as Islam, the doctrines of which are bent on the destruction of Western Civilization, has sunken its tentacles so deeply and broadly into our nation's institutions, where is the answer to the question:  How and why did our jails and prisons become legally Sharia-compliant? ...(Read Full Post)