Memo to President Obama: Ho is no George Washington

Did I hear just hear an anti-Vietnam war speech from 1971? 

Remember when the speakers used to say that Ho Chi Minh was George Washington and the Viet Cong were sort like "the Indo China Founding Fathers"?  

Remember the Viet Cong flags waved by young American idiots unaware or ignorant that dozens of US soldiers were held and tortured at the infamous Hanoi Hilton? 

By the way, did any of these "Viet Cong flag wavers" say anything when millions were slaughtered in Indo China after we left in 1975?  All I remember was a lot of silence!

President Obama took unscripted remarks to another level when he said this:

".....we discussed the fact that Ho Chi Minh was actually inspired by the U.S. Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and the words of Thomas Jefferson."   (President Obama talking to reporters alongside Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang)

Where do we start?

First, it is true that we have diplomatic relations with Vietnam.  We are doing business with them.  We may be allies in the region.  Vietnam is obviously looking for foreigners to invest and use their cheap labor. Their current leadership would rather see more "Made in Vietnam" stuff at WalMart than any discussion of Ho's ideas!

Second, every despot in the world, including Castro in Cuba and Chavez in Venezuela, has quoted George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. They do it to enhance their arguments while they practice the exact opposite of what those wonderful men stood for.

Third, and most important, doesn't President Obama understand that 58,000 Americans died in Vietnam?

And millions living served there?   Some are disabled veterans!  Some still live with the memory of watching their buddy killed in action.

Didn't it occur to President Obama that such a remark might hit a few people the wrong way? 

Doesn't he realize that some of our current military leadership served in that war? 

Is he that "tone deaf"? 

How do you elevate Ho Chi Mihn, a communist, a dictator, an anti-American, by having the president of the US bless his memory with a remark like that?

We often hear that President Obama is ignorant of US history.  He certainly proved it when he made those remarks to the leader of Vietnam.

Where was the Teleprompter when we really needed it?