Where's Edward Snowden?

The Russian Aeroflot pasenger jet on which NSA leaker Edward Snowden had booked a flight to Cuba departed Moscow today - without Edward Snowden. Associated Press: An Aeroflot representative who wouldn't give her name told The Associated Press that Snowden wasn't on flight SU150 to Havana. AP reporters on the flight couldn't see him. The Interfax news agency also quoted an unidentified Russian security source in Moscow as saying that Snowden wasn't on the plane. The airline said earlier Snowden registered for the flight using his U.S. passport, which American officials say has been annulled. Snowden arrived in Moscow on Sunday from Hong Kong, where he had been hiding for several weeks to evade U.S. justice. Ecuador is considering Snowden's asylum application. After spending a night in Moscow's airport, the former National Security Agency contractor -- and admitted leaker of state secrets -- had been expected to fly to Cuba and Venezuela en route to possible asylum in...(Read Full Post)