Wash. Post libels Israel on Palestinian refugees

The Washington Post, in its June 22 edition, runs an article by correspondent Caroline Anning about thousands of Palestinian refugees who, after fleeing to Syria in the 1940s, now again have fled -- this time to Lebanon, to escape the fighting in Syria. The article, at its very core, paints a false picture of how these Palestinian refugees and their descendants came to be displaced in the first place. Here's how Anning puts it: "To date, an estimated 55,000 Palestinians have sought sanctuary in Lebanon from the war in Syria, according to the United Nations, most of them descendants of families displaced by the creation of Israel in 1948." Not so.  The founding of Israel did not create the Palestinian refugee problem.  In 1948, Israeli leaders pleaded with Arabs in Palestine to stay put and live in a democratic state that would fully protect their basic rights.  Instead, Arab leaders urged them to get out of the way of half a dozen Arab armies intent on annihilating...(Read Full Post)