Voices rise from under the Cincinnati bus

One of the dumbest moves made by Lois Lerner (and those above her who presumably approved her strategy to deflect blame) was blaming her subordinates in Cincinnati as "rogue agents" who launched the anti-tea party jihad the IRS has been carrying on ever since the 2010 midterm elections threatened the Obama agenda. She may have expected they would remain quiet and accept their role as scapegoats. Perhaps that is how she has operated before in the vast federal bureaucracy, using the threat of poor performance evaluations and truncated career advancement to intimidate subordinates into remaining quiet and covering her rear end. But that approach cannot work when the stakes are high and public scrutiny intense. If you dump on the people below you, there is every reason to expect they will fight back. That backlash appears to have begun. Eliana Johnson writes in National Review Online:  A Cincinnati-based Internal Revenue Service employee is pushing back against claims by Lois...(Read Full Post)