Schoolteacher Responds to 'Schools' Sinister War on Guns' (Updated)

A high-school teacher sent me the correspondence below in response to my piece, "The Schools' Sinister War on Guns." It provides some valuable feedback from the front lines, so I urge you to read it. Anonymous Teacher wrote (edited for style): I am a high school teacher who teaches at a school with its share of gang and other urban problems. The irony is seeing how the leftists respond when their hatred of guns conflicts with another one of their sacred cows: protecting teenagers from the legal consequences of their actions. So if an administrator finds a student in possession of a gun during a search and feels confident he can get away with it, [he] will quietly dispose of the gun. The student is neither suspended nor reported to the police so he can be arrested. If a school employee claims to have seen the gun, the administrator says it was just a toy gun. The reasoning is twofold: the administration does not want the bad publicity when a gun-on-campus story hits the news, and...(Read Full Post)