The anti-Bush is now Cheney on steroids

It's getting difficult to  write these posts because this is the "scandal an hour" administration.

We learned today from The New York Times that this is global:

"The federal government has been secretly collecting information on foreigners overseas for nearly six years from the nation's largest Internet companies like Google, Facebook and, most recently, Apple, in search of national security threats, the director of national intelligence confirmed Thursday night. "

I love this next part, specially on the pages of The NY Times:

"Together, the unfolding revelations opened a window into the growth of government surveillance that began under the Bush administration after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and has clearly been embraced and even expanded under the Obama administration."

"Embraced and even expanded"!

I can hear VP Cheney laughing in Wyoming. 

The real problem is not the program.  The "shocker" is that this is coming on the heels of the IRS targeting conservatives, a "data mining" campaign to get "low information voters" to show up in 2012 and the inexplicable naming of Mr Rosen as a 'co-conspirator".

Can President Obama get out of this massive hole? 

Yes, but he needs to be proactive and speak bluntly about all of the scandals.

At the same time, don't be surprised if Jay Carney tells us that Pres Obama learned about PRISM when he was watching the evening news!

He is always the last guy to know!  (I think that I can hear Cheney laughing again)