Republicans Get Played Again

Four weeks ago the College Board president David Coleman admitted he snookered Republican governors into accepting Common Core. In his May 17 presentation to education data analysts in Boston, the author of Common Core State Standards said: When I was involved in convincing governors and others around this country to adopt these standards, it was not 'Obama likes them'; do you think that would have gone well with a Republican crowd? Even though the National Governors Association contracted Coleman's nonprofit Student Achievement Partners in 2007 to create the standards, by 2010, according to the Journal of Scholarship & Practice, the standards "had not been validated empirically and no metric has been set to monitor the intended and unintended consequences they will have on the education system and children (Mathis, 2010)." Also in his speech, Coleman, in referring to the College Board, stated he has now brought on Obama's reelection team to...(Read Full Post)