Proof of Guilt in the IRS Scandals

A regulation (28 CFR 600.1) exists requiring that the Attorney General shall appoint an outside Special Counsel when the Attorney General determines that: criminal investigation of a person or matter is warranted; the Attorney General's Department of Justice should not conduct the investigation due to extraordinary circumstances such as the investigation would create a conflict of interest; and it would be in the public interest to appoint a Special Counsel. The federal government's attack on the rule of law meets the requirements of 28 CFR 600.1. There is probable cause that government officials have engaged in widespread criminal activity. These officials have targeted hundreds of conservative organizations in order to warp the electoral process and harm the Republic. They have harassed some citizens (e.g. Frank Vandersloot) while attempting to destroy others: Catherine Englebrecht and her husband have been investigated by the IRS, FBI, OSHA, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and...(Read Full Post)