Repeal the wheel!

Tom Gelsthorpe of Cape Cod Online examines the enivronmentalists' dream of returning us to a pre-industrial life and suggests Cape Cod could be the experimental site if it will only repeal the wheel:

Once upon a time, doing chores the easy way was considered progress. The trouble is, labor-saving gizmos need fire, a causative agent for spewing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Nowadays, emitting carbon dioxide, along with almost every other industrial activity, is a sin. But fussing over the details, tweaking the carbon taxes, picketing the electric companies, the oilers, the frackers, the tankers, the railroads, the airlines - Yikes! Subsidizing this kind of car while punishing that kind of car; manipulating the political and economic system so that people will pay top dollar for stuff they don't really like so the neighbors will think you're environmentally correct. Even the posturing gets tedious.

Instead of quarreling endlessly over minutiae of this dangerous device vs. that unacceptable pollutant, here's a modest proposal that can curtail all industrial sins in a single stroke. It would be easy to detect, therefore a cinch to enforce. Abolish the wheel.

It probably won't be the quite the dreamy return to nature scenario they picture though.