Pay attention because Argentina is falling apart

Scandals and a central government out of control?  Too many regulations and a detached president?  An economy that won't get going?  Crony capitalism?  Credit downgrade? Yes, welcome to Argentina!   Jaime Daremblum is one of my favorite US-Latin America analysts.  This is how he describes the happenings in Buenos Aires: "Back in September, Argentines held massive nationwide rallies to protest the autocratic abuses, economic failures, and rampant corruption of President Cristina Kirchner. Two months later, they held even bigger demonstrations. And on April 18, they held their largest protests yet, with roughly two million people marching in cities and towns across the country, including more than one million in Buenos Aires alone. "I took to the street because we live in a democracy that runs the risk of transforming into authoritarianism," one Argentine university student told Reuters. "This government doesn't want to listen. Every day, we...(Read Full Post)