John Kerry's Hubris

Like some previous secretaries of state, John Kerry would love to coax Israel and the Palestinians into a two-state peace deal. Just imagine what this would mean for his legacy in future history books, to say nothing about the lure of a Nobel Peace Prize. Too bad, however, that the stars are not aligned for such a script. And won't for the foreseeable future. Palestinians continue to lack courageous leaders willing to settle for half a loaf instead of clinging to insistence on erasing the Jewish state from the Middle East. Hamas makes no bones about it and Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah movement would achieve the same result by settling for nothing less than a "right of return" to Israel of millions of Palestinian refugees and their descendants. Kerry, however, sees the glass as half full. In fact, as the latest innocent abroad when it comes to Mideast diplomacy, he went so far as to issue a warning to American Jews that Israel has only two options -- peace on his terms, urgent but...(Read Full Post)