If Assad survives, Hezb'allah will reap the benefits

It's hard to overstate the importance of Hezb'allah's intervention in the Syrian civil war. The Lebanese terrorist group had never deployed beyond the borders of their tiny country, and by joining the Assad regime in trying to squash the rebellion, they are gambling that their help will be a game changer. That may be coming to pass. Reuters: Syrian forces and their Lebanese Hezbollah allies seized control of the border town of Qusair on Wednesday, dealing a strategic defeat to rebel fighters battling for two years to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad. Assad's upturn in fortunes could further diminish hopes of concessions at a peace conference the United States and Russia are seeking to convene, with Damascus increasingly confident of success against a ragtag opposition that is short of weapons. A member of a pro-Assad Syrian militia said the military focus may now move to the northern province of Aleppo, which has been largely in rebel hands for the last...(Read Full Post)