They that Hear the Obama Administration's Dog Whistle

Peter Roskam's tale relayed to the Ways and Means Committee this week explains much.

Illinois Representative Peter Roskam gives us some history of the type of people who get installed into key positions in the Obama Administration. One such person crossed his path back in 1996.  Lois Lerner.

In this video,  (1:00 mark) Representative Roskam gives a little insight into the underhanded, scheming and conniving personnel that this administration has sought out and then made cogs in their machine. 

By Roskam telling the story of empowered progressive liberals, we are reminded of the remarkable trajectory of Barack Obama from community organizer to  Illinois State Senator, then to a part time US Senator who served a partial term, and then to President.  It was remarkable. But equally remarkable was the "assistance" he received.

Two of  Obama's political opponents had sealed divorce records made public.  When coupled with the antics that Peter Roskam's law partner, Al Salvi encountered in Illinois while running as a Republican senate candidate in Illinois, (see video) the expediting machinery that launched Barack Obama begins to be understood.

Al Salvi, Rep. Roskam's law partner in the 90's was running for US Senate as a Republican in Illinois. Federal Election Commission authorities authorities made charges against Mr. Salvi.  When Salvi contested these charges he was told by the FEC the charges could be dropped under one condition.  That condition was that he not run for office ever again.  The person who issued that condition was one Lois Lerner.  Salvi's opponent was Dick Durbin. Salvi would eventually be visited by the FBI.  Charges were eventually dismissed.

The head of a department in the IRS that deals with tax exempt status seems an innocuous position.  It only becomes a position of political management when a certain ilk, a person with a record of having been a "good soldier" is installed.  With a "keep up the good work" approval, based on prior antics such as outlined by Roskam, there is no need for definitive instructions.  They hear the dog whistle. For those who expect a certain behavior from certain appointees, to know "the work" is being done is all that is required.  No details nor instructions necessary.

What has been lost of late is the responsibility of those who appoint these dishonest people to positions of power, apparently fully aware of the dishonesty and fully expecting and welcoming more of same. So who hired Ms. Lerner and were they familiar with her record?  You bet they were.

Bruce Johnson