They that Hear the Obama Administration's Dog Whistle

Peter Roskam's tale relayed to the Ways and Means Committee this week explains much. Illinois Representative Peter Roskam gives us some history of the type of people who get installed into key positions in the Obama Administration. One such person crossed his path back in 1996.  Lois Lerner. In this video,  (1:00 mark) Representative Roskam gives a little insight into the underhanded, scheming and conniving personnel that this administration has sought out and then made cogs in their machine.  By Roskam telling the story of empowered progressive liberals, we are reminded of the remarkable trajectory of Barack Obama from community organizer to  Illinois State Senator, then to a part time US Senator who served a partial term, and then to President.  It was remarkable. But equally remarkable was the "assistance" he received. Two of  Obama's political opponents had sealed divorce records made public.  When coupled with the antics that Peter...(Read Full Post)