Hillary's Perfect Campaign Slogan

I was at my favorite cigar store, which is a bit like a gentlemen's club (although there is the occasional lady present), with leather chairs and couches, and card tables, a couple of big TVs (usually tuned to all-sports or all-news stations), and populated by a coterie of regulars and semi-regulars, among whom politics (generally of the conservative persuasion) is often the topic of conversation, and political wit is exchanged and encouraged. The TV news had just reported that serious challenges were once again being raised about the government's report on the crash of TWA Flight 800 on Long Island in 1996. I started to quip that Queen Hillary had already chimed in on the matter, and I was about to deliver my idea of what Hillary's comment would have been, when almost the entire room, almost in unison, stepped on my punchline: "At this point, what difference does it make?" It was clearly one of those jokes that writes itself. It was not at all difficult for anyone in the room to...(Read Full Post)