Does the American Taxpayer Even Stand a Chance?

In May of 2012, a concerned taxpayer approached Indianapolis NBC affiliate Investigative television reporter Bob Segall concerning a multibillion-dollar tax-fraud scheme that has been going on for several years -- of which the IRS has done nothing.

Apparently, our "friends," those illegal aliens whom our government is working so hard to provide amnesty for, have (naturally) found a way to "milk the tax system," allowing them to receive multibillions of dollars in tax returns. By taking advantage of the "Additional Child Tax Credit," which allows a fully-refundable credit of up to $1,000. per child, approximately two million illegal aliens (this year alone) have flooded tax preparers' offices to file "income" taxes. Illegal aliens are not only claiming child dependents that live in "their" households in the U.S., but also for dependents living in Mexico -- some tax returns even listing nieces and nephews. On one tax return submitted by an illegal alien, Segall noted that it showed an "income" of only $14,000, with a refund of over $10,300.!

"Under agreement not to reveal their identity or filming them face on, Segall of WTHR was able to speak with several of the illegal immigrants who, using Segall's translator -- confirmed it is easy.

One of the workers, who was interviewed at his [appeared to be a two-bedroom mobile home] in southern Indiana, admitted that four other illegal immigrants used his address to file tax returns -- even though they don't live there.

These four workers claimed that not only they, but a total of 20 children between them -- about 30 people -- lived in the residence.

As a result, the IRS sent the illegal immigrants tax refunds totaling $29,608.

Upon Segall questioning the man regarding that incredible residency claim, he replied ... They don't live here ... the other kids are in their country of origin, which is Mexico,' later saying that none of the 20 children have ever visited the United States -- let alone lived here."

When asked why they would commit this fraud, Segall was told, "If the opportunity is there and they can give it to me, why not take advantage of it?" Of course! After all, with their first step on American soil, these illegal aliens broke our immigration laws, what's wrong with breaking a few more?

Segall also met with Russell George, the U.S. Treasury Department's Inspector General for Tax Administration, who told him: "The magnitude of the problem has grown exponentially,' but that the IRS has known about the problem for years."

How, one might ask, do illegal aliens file tax returns without a social security number? The IRS has made that easy enough. A person need only apply for an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) by completing Form W-7 and attaching a completed tax return. The ITIN was established during the Clinton Administration in 1996 "in order for both resident and non-resident aliens, regardless of immigration status, to fulfill their tax filing and payment obligations under IRS regulations -- even though an ITIN does not confer the right to work and receive income in the United States."

Segall attempted to speak to any IRS employee, but none would return his calls. He did, however, receive an email that stated: ""The law has been clear for over a decade that eligibility for these credits does not depend on work authorization status or the type of taxpayer identification number used. Any suggestion that the IRS shouldn't be paying out these credits under current law to ITIN holders is simply incorrect. The IRS administers the law impartially and applies it as it is written." It doesn't matter that millions of tax returns are submitted by illegal aliens -- criminals -- the IRS is going to remain "impartial" -- just not to the American taxpayer.

To add insult to injury, it has been reported this week that the IRS will be rewarding its employees with $70 million in bonuses -- in spite of Obama's directive to cancel discretionary bonuses due to automatic spending cuts. And in spite of years of waste, fraud and abuse within the IRS, the bonuses will be handed out.

Meanwhile, back at the IRS, agents are busy targeting and harassing American conservative and Christian taxpayer groups -- for which they are being rewarded with bonuses -- and too busy, it seems, to bother investigating the multibillion dollars in fraud being committed by illegal aliens.

As new reports continue to reveal the corruption and abuse within the powerful Internal Revenue Service agency, it appears that the American taxpayer truly doesn't stand a chance! 

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