Does the American Taxpayer Even Stand a Chance?

In May of 2012, a concerned taxpayer approached Indianapolis NBC affiliate Investigative television reporter Bob Segall concerning a multibillion-dollar tax-fraud scheme that has been going on for several years -- of which the IRS has done nothing. Apparently, our "friends," those illegal aliens whom our government is working so hard to provide amnesty for, have (naturally) found a way to "milk the tax system," allowing them to receive multibillions of dollars in tax returns. By taking advantage of the "Additional Child Tax Credit," which allows a fully-refundable credit of up to $1,000. per child, approximately two million illegal aliens (this year alone) have flooded tax preparers' offices to file "income" taxes. Illegal aliens are not only claiming child dependents that live in "their" households in the U.S., but also for dependents living in Mexico -- some tax returns even listing nieces and nephews. On one tax return submitted by an illegal alien, Segall noted that it showed an...(Read Full Post)