Hasan to Use 'Defense of Others' Strategy

Branded a workplace violence offender in newspeak, Army major Nidal Hasan will employ a "defense of others" strategy in his upcoming military trial.  Of course, it begs the question: Whom was Hasan defending when he massacred his fellow soldiers at Ft. Hood? This from the Associated Press via my way:  Hasan, an American-born Muslim, said he would use a "defense of others" strategy, which experts say requires defendants to prove they were protecting other people from imminent danger. And this tidbit: Military experts speculated that Hasan might argue he was protecting fellow Muslims in Afghanistan because soldiers were preparing to deploy from the Texas Army post. So, let's get this straight.  When Hasan was rampaging and killing his comrades-in-arms yelling "Allahu Akbar!" he was just protesting working conditions at the army base?  Or, perhaps, he was teed off that his boss was pushing him around?  Hmm.  Hasan doesn't seem to think so,...(Read Full Post)