Dumb and Dumber

Of all of George W. Bush's many accomplishments, the greatest is that he got reelected in 2004 saving us from a John Kerry presidency.

Kerry may not be the dumbest senator and/or presidential candidate ever, but I can't think of anyone of either class [except Joe Biden] who is dumber.

And he's proving to be the head of that class as Secretary of State, too.

I'm not Jewish, but one need not be to recognize that this pronouncement is truly dumb:

Secretary of State John Kerry claimed Monday that Israel's failure to foster peace with the Palestinians fuels extremism and terrorism across the world in his address before the American Jewish Committee's annual policy conference in Washington, D.C.

World leaders "literally" discuss the issue in every meeting Kerry has, he told a largely Jewish audience.  "Everywhere I go - literally - China, Japan, foreign ministers, presidents raise this issue," Kerry said. "Young people ask me about this conflict and what they can do to help end it."

Nor must one be Jewish to recognize that this is even dumber:

Secretary of State John Kerry tried to inject Hebrew into his address at the AJC's Global Forum Monday in Washington, D.C.  He appeared to say "Ma nishtana," roughly meaning "What has changed?"

But, then, maybe he was, literally, channeling Joe Biden both in the content of the statements and the use of the term "literally."