Don't Slash Our Nuclear Weapons

I used to be a professional boxer.  Would I have shown up at a fight with eighteen-ounce gloves while my opponent was wearing cement tape?

Obama wants us to come to his resurrection of the Cold War without nuclear weapons.  As Korea, Iran, China, Russia, and Pakistan all load up with new nukes, Obama wants us to lie naked in the explosive world while slashing one third of our nuclear arsenal.

Is Obama a traitor, or is he just an ideological dupe?  Does he really believe that weakening us will increase our strength in a more dangerous world?

It's time Obama gave up his phony mantle as a peaceful priest and woke up to his responsibility to save the free world.  We need peace through strength, not surrender through clichés.

I remember Obama's simpleminded speech in Cairo, "to seek a world in which no nations hold nuclear weapons."

Since then, the Middle East has been burning.  His speech backfired.  So will his latest nuclear reductions.

Saying it doesn't make it so, Mr. Obama.  Sometimes you have to make pragmatic decisions rather than meaningless speeches.  Sometimes you have to put a sock in your mouth instead of sticking your foot in there.

This afternoon, I will go back to Gleason's Gym.  I am in my sixties, but I will still spar.  I like the honesty of a good punch.  I wouldn't want to fight Obama.  He'd be so busy tapping gloves with gestures of false friendship that we'd never get it on.  Cowardice does not belong in the ring of foreign relations.  Losers are defensive and lead from behind.

Somehow the audience and Obama's own fans would end up slaughtered by his contingent ducking.  You can't win a fight based on shyness and ambivalence.