Austin, TX like Madison, WI - Mob rule

What do you do when a bipartisan group of legislators are ready to vote for an abortion restriction?

First, you filibuster and turn into the darling of a news media disproportionately in favor of abortion rights. 

Second, you fill the gallery with "mobs" who are also disproportionately out of touch with Texas on abortion rights.

The net result was "chaos" or the kind of political immaturity that we saw in Madison, Wisconsin.

Thanks to Timothy Carney for writing this:

 "She needed to filibuster because an overwhelming majority of both chambers wanted to pass the bill to protect 20-week in-utero babies. And 62 percent of Texans polled support a ban on 20-week abortions. Overwhelmingly, Americans think babies in the second and third trimesters ought to be protected by law.

And it wasn't just a lone woman standing against the civil-rights views of her colleagues and fellow Texans. It was a loud, yelling mob, preventing the workings of representative democracy."

Wendy Davis and the mob shut down the elected representatives of Texas.  In other words, the legislators on the floor were elected by the people. God only knows about the screamers in the gallery. Are they from Texas or were they "bused in" like other protesters in Madison, WI?

Wendy won't succeed the next time.  She, and the mob, benefited from the chaos.  Governor Perry won't let that happen in the next session.


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