D-Day: The Day America Forgot

D-Day has come and gone.  The hours that made up June 6, 2013 have passed, just as most of the men who risked their lives on the beaches of France sixty-nine years ago have.  No big parades, no fanfare, no widely publicized messages of thanks to a generation who loses 600 a day.  I live in one of the largest cities in North Carolina.  Neither the largest television station nor the major newspaper carried any stories mentioning D-Day until I e-mailed the news departments.  The newspaper searched and found a touching story about two men who fought together at Omaha Beach.  The television station, owned by a big Blueprint NC supporter, never did publish a story.  A co-worker's father was involved in the landing at Normandy.  I had the honor of meeting him -- sadly, at the funeral of his wife.  He is not sure why he receives all the attention from his hometown newspaper, but he and his three brothers are celebrities because of their service...(Read Full Post)