President Photoshop?

Two puzzling photos that do not bear close scrutiny were published in 2010 on the campaign website, adding further mystery to the man who left surprisingly few documented footprints in the sands of time as he came to adulthood.

Recently, the website Give Us Liberty referenced a photo from the official Obama campaign website.  It is of Mr. Obama as a youth with his mother, sister, and grandfather. In the photo, his mother's fist protrudes from under his arm, and the color of the fist exactly matches that of the young Mr. Obama's arm.

Give Us Liberty also discovered another photo at the same Obama site of Mr. Obama sitting between his grandparents, and, in the photo, the hand of Mr. Obama's grandfather mysteriously appears to float over Mr. Obama's shoulder.

Big Fur Hat at iOwnTheWorld did some interesting things with that last photo, and Richard Terrell of Aftermath "de-photoshopped" the floating hand picture with similar results.



Richard Terrell

Both BFH and Give Us Liberty offer speculative comments for readers.

Notwithstanding the content and implications of those comments, it is an incontrovertible fact that the photos appear on an official Obama website.

There are 3 obvious questions about the photos:

1.     How did they come to appear as they do?

2.     How did they come to appear at the site?

3.    Why did they came to appear as they do.

And more puzzling still is how the site's creator failed to notice these anomalies in the photos, if, in fact, the creator did fail to notice them.

Like matryoshka dolls, each of these puzzles has more puzzles nested within.

Technically proficient readers may wish to examine carefully and quickly those photos, for they may soon be unavailable for inspection.

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