Can President Obama turn public opinion on ObamaCare?

The Obama White House was supposed to spend the summer of 2013 preparing the nation for the arrival of The Affordable Health Care Act. Instead, they are spending most of their time on other stuff: 1) The scandals, from the IRS to Prism to the NSA to the reporters.  Don't blame this White House if they are all walking around repeating the expression that "when it rains it pours".  It's really pouring right now! 2) ObamaCare is going through its own little storm: The "exchanges" are behind schedule.  Young people may not get on board. Small businesses are not hiring because of the uncertainties. The "law" continues to be unpopular.   My guess is that the unpopularity of the law may be somewhat a reflection of how disorganized and behind schedule everything is.  How would you rate a company that promised you something by October and is way behind schedule?   Would you recommend their...(Read Full Post)