Beaten and imprisoned by thought police

It seems that communist-style thought-policing has arrived in France.  From the Human Rights in Europe website: June 19, "Nicolas," 22, the first protester of the anti-gay-marriage law was sentenced to two months in prison for an imaginary rebellion. "No initial offence (sic) could be proved, the arrest was without legal basis and imprisonment appears to be that young "Nicolas" is the first political prisoner of M. Hollande's French government. "Following this event, the French rallied to protest. Large gatherings were organized in Paris and all French cities from Friday until Sunday to show their indignation? (sic)  The protesters also expressed their concerns vis-à-vis their government's views on gay marriage, their need to impose Gestation For Others, Medically Assisted Procreation and Gender Theory for schools. It is quite chilling indeed to realize that people in France are being...(Read Full Post)