Beaten and imprisoned by thought police

It seems that communist-style thought-policing has arrived in France.  From the Human Rights in Europe website:

June 19, "Nicolas," 22, the first protester of the anti-gay-marriage law was sentenced to two months in prison for an imaginary rebellion.

"No initial offence (sic) could be proved, the arrest was without legal basis and imprisonment appears to be that young "Nicolas" is the first political prisoner of M. Hollande's French government.

"Following this event, the French rallied to protest. Large gatherings were organized in Paris and all French cities from Friday until Sunday to show their indignation? (sic)  The protesters also expressed their concerns vis-à-vis their government's views on gay marriage, their need to impose Gestation For Others, Medically Assisted Procreation and Gender Theory for schools.

It is quite chilling indeed to realize that people in France are being imprisoned for thinking in a way that differs from government-sanctioned thinking.  And what was Nicolas's crime?  He disagrees with the notion of genderless marriage. 

In a separate piece in HillBuzz, Kevin Dujan uncovers "How the Left uses Gays to Dismantle, Undermine and Toxify the Catholic Church."

... the Left's weapon of choice against Catholics is normally gays...who serve as a Gaystapo goon squad that is revved up into frenzies of hatred against Christians in general (but Catholics quite specifically).  If you observe the institutional Left's strategic moves long enough, you'll see it's almost always gays who are bused in to block the entrances to cathedrals or churches and scream expletives at parishioners heading into mass; this is, of course, the toxification aspect of the Leftists' agenda...since they are attempting to make going to Catholic mass so unpleasant an experience for believers that they'll potentially start staying home, just to avoid being screamed at by obnoxious gays out on the street. ...

A classic example of the deployment of a weaponized Gaystapo brigade manifested itself just this week here in Chicago - on Sunday June 16th, 2013 - when a throng of self-proclaimed gays operating under the banners of "Equality Illinois" assailed the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel church on Belmont Avenue between Halsted and Broadway in Boystown (see "Hateful Gays Attack Catholic Church in Chicago" video at the top of this page...but be cautioned about foul language, loud screaming, and general obnoxiousness).

Watch the eight-minute video (linked above) by Dujan to witness the intimidation tactics employed by gay proponents of genderless marriage.  Who needs thought police when angry mobs are hanging around outside church to attack both your thinking and your faith?

The fact is, there are powerful forces on both sides of the Atlantic working to silence anyone who disagrees with the proponents of same-sex marriage.  The question we are left with is "Why?"  Why are differing opinions on this topic met with such vehement, visceral, and, more and more, violent -- completely disproportionate -- reprisals?

The picture of imprisoned "Nicolas" may give us a glimpse of our future here in the United States.  The thought police are not part of a dystopian fantasy future -- they are part of the here and now -- and they are on the rise.  Incrementally, to be sure, but on the rise.

Standing up for the rights of future generations and especially the rights of children now being engineered for same-sex marriages has become a dangerous business.

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