Your Government at Work

It's been a pretty sobering week, or at least it should have been a pretty sobering week, for those who believe that government is both honest and effective and that therefore Obamacare is going to be a boon to the American public. We have the "voluntary" admission by the IRS that it targeted Tea Party and Patriot organizations, at least in Ohio, before the last election.  Hmmmmm....why Ohio?  Could it have something to do with Ohio's pivotal role in Electoral College calculations? Once Obamacare is imposed on the country, how long will it be before we discover that some Tea Party members, some Republicans, some people known for favoring lower taxes, were denied critical operations?  Not long.  Obamacare is not there to provide us with health care.  We already have that.  It is there to deny us health care under the guise that we cannot afford it. Our embassy in Benghazi was in a desperate situation for hours.  What did our "leaders" in...(Read Full Post)