Pride in Low Standards

Why is it that our media, celebrity and congressional liberals so proudly hold themselves to lower standards of decency than conservatives?  Everyone knows that if the Benghazi debacle had happened on a Republican President's watch, the left and the right would be  howling for the truth and perhaps impeachment.  But because Obama is a radically liberal democrat, he is permitted all manner of  amorality and even immorality.   They, the Beltway Left and the mainstream media, will defend his crimes and incompetency to the bitter end.  Anyone who watched Jay Carney's disastrous press conference last Friday knows this is how it works.  Carney was stunned to near speechlessness at being asked actual questions.  Perhaps a few of the Obama sycophants are wakening from their reverie and considering actually reporting the news.

Clearly the Obama administration decided that a terrorist attack on a purposefully unprotected consulate (an American footprint might offend the jihadists) in Libya might be bad karma given the upcoming election.  So they simply made up a story that explained the murder of an ambassador and three other Americans as though it were beyond their ability to intervene or prevent the horrific outcome. For purely political reasons, they refused to rescue Americans under siege.  They did not even try.

Who in the President's and/or Hillary's circle came up with the not-so-bright idea that an anti-Muslim video was to blame for the attack and the murders?  Was it one person?  Ben Rhodes?  Valerie Jarret?  Victoria Nuland?  Hillary herself?  A committee?  Where was the President?  We do not yet know.  What we do know is that these people put their politics and power above everything else, even human lives. Many more would have died  that night had it not been for Tyrone Woods and  Glen Doherty who defied the stand-down order.  The men who died had character and were honorable.  Those who left them stranded have neither.

Someone on MSNBC admitted as much. He confessed, with relief,  that if President Obama was a Republican, impeachment would be on the table (because Republicans would be on the side of right).  He seemed proud of his party's lower standards.  He was relieved, and secure in the notion that Obama's venality could continue unfettered.   Now we know he has used the IRS to harass and impede conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status for several years. What's next? 

Progressives seem to revel in their nefarious cleverness, their victory over American values and tradition.   They did not report on the Gosnell trial, a case that the word deviancy does not adequately describe, because it might taint the abortion rights community. They were hopeful that  the Boston Marathon bombers were Tea Partiers or some other variation of  an anti-government wing-nut so as not to shake their misguided belief that radical Islam is not a problem. They somehow find common cause with jihadists, criminals like Pelletier, Mumia, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn and their ilk.  They have no problem sending their kids to universities that hire such people to teach.   

The Left  has waged war on the nuclear family for a generation. Student loan applications will  no longer ask for the names of the applicant's mother and father but parent 1 and parent 2.  Obama makes personal phone calls to Jason Collins and Sandra Fluke, but not the true heroes, our military men and women.  He pushes and shoves on gay marriage and unrestricted abortion rights and the morning after pill for children. He does not want law-abiding private citizens to have guns but refuses to enforce the gun laws on the books. Chicago is a case in point.Those Chicago victims of gun violence are pawns in Obama's anti-gun crusade.

How anyone fortunate enough to be born in or transplanted to this great nation could  wish for, and work towards the destruction of its greatest strengths and freedoms is beyond understanding.  How do we explain privileged citizens, like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who are seduced by the likes and lies of Saul Alinsky and work to implement his ideology by his ruthless methods?  And there are so many of them.Can America survive their bitterness, their enmity, their affection for low standards?  Only time will tell.    

It does not look good.