Pride in Low Standards

Why is it that our media, celebrity and congressional liberals so proudly hold themselves to lower standards of decency than conservatives?  Everyone knows that if the Benghazi debacle had happened on a Republican President's watch, the left and the right would be  howling for the truth and perhaps impeachment.  But because Obama is a radically liberal democrat, he is permitted all manner of  amorality and even immorality.   They, the Beltway Left and the mainstream media, will defend his crimes and incompetency to the bitter end.  Anyone who watched Jay Carney's disastrous press conference last Friday knows this is how it works.  Carney was stunned to near speechlessness at being asked actual questions.  Perhaps a few of the Obama sycophants are wakening from their reverie and considering actually reporting the news. Clearly the Obama administration decided that a terrorist attack on a purposefully unprotected consulate (an American...(Read Full Post)