VA governor's race a harbinger of 2014

Back in 2009 when Scott Brown won a surprise victory in the Massachusetts senate race, Chris Christie took the New Jersey governor's race, and Bob McDonnell won in a landslide to take the Virginia governor's seat, it was believed at the time that those three races augered well for GOP prospects in the 2010 mid terms. This year, it's a little different. In 2013, Christie is heavily favored for re-election, and the Massachusetts senate race is close but the GOP candidate Gabriel Gomez is running uphill. What about Virginia? Perhaps no other statewide race will be watched with more interest this year than the Virginia governor's race. And the Republicans just upped the ante by nominating three strong conservatives for statewide office. Politico: Rejuvenated by a Democratic scandal in Washington and a tea party conservative atop their ticket, Virginia Republicans Saturday nominated a trio of statewide candidates whose fate will be closely watched as an indicator of the...(Read Full Post)