Will the scandals hurt Obama and the Democrats?

They won't among a large group of Americans--and that explains a lot about our nation and about why Obama was elected.

Scandals may be multiplying as quickly as the national debt has under President Obama but he can be rest assured: his base is oblivious to all the news, to facts and to the damage he has inflicted on them and the rest of us. This willful ignorance will help insulate Democrats from suffering in the midterm elections.

Jim McTague writes an insightful column in Barron's:

Will the young voters tune out because of the scandals? Michael Hais and Morley Winograd, who have written three well-received books on the millennials and their impact on the Democratic Party, believe the scandals will have almost no effect on this generation. For one thing, the millennials do not share their parents' suspicions of big, intrusive government. Hais and Winograd say that the millennials see a role for the federal government to set down rules of behavior, like parents, for them to follow.

WHAT ABOUT THE JUSTICE Department's seizure of AP's phone records? Millennials don't appreciate the concept of a "fourth estate." They don't read newspapers. They glean their information from social media. A book about millennials published last year by Paula Poindexter, a journalism professor at the University of Texas at Austin, said that millennials describe the news as "garbage, one-sided, propaganda, repetitive and boring." Furthermore, she said, they don't feel that being informed is important.

Benghazi? They don't watch any television news, let alone Fox, which has been highlighting the topic. The IRS/Tea party story? They are pro taxes--that's why they voted for Obama. They are anti-GOP because the party stands in the way of the Obama agenda, which they supported. If Obama cleans up the bureaucracy, as he started to do last week when he tossed out the IRS commissioner, then that's good enough for them.

This is  sadly, not surprising to many people who did not for Obama. This generation has been referred to as millenials but I think author Jason Mattera has a better way to describe them "Obama Zombies" (see his book, "Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed my Generation.") For them the massive popularity of zombies in TV hits such as " The Walking Dead" and books such as the Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z (opening in movie theatres next month) might as well be self-portraits as much as horror and sci-fi tales.

I wrote about how Obama and his team deliberately cultivated and addressed this "zombie" market in "Obama Trolling for the Knucklehead Vote." His base--and the base of much of the Democratic Party-lives in a bubble of unreality. He reaches them by appearing on TV shows such as David Letterman (where he dismissed any sort of problem with the national debt, knowing the audience won't care to fact-check this fiction), Entertainment Tonight, Pimp with a Limp, and trash mags that are fit for pulping immediately upon their publication. They don't want "no facts;" they just want to be entertained. Or they just want whatever the modern-day equivalent of MTV may be.

Of course, this is one major reason Obama from 2007 onwards devoted so many resources into social media, Twitter, Web work, You Tube videos. He was force-feeding this generation one distortion after another -  enough that they gobbled them up like so much manna from heaven, Why bother with watching real news when one can be amused by the fun-house mirror of Jon Stewart's The Daily Show?  Why bother reading informative articles in reputable news outlets when one can read all one needs to know in Rolling Stone?

Indeed , why bother reading anything more informative that has more than the 140 alphanumeric length of a tweet? Really, is there anything worth "knowing" that can't be expressed in some clever formulation of symbols (4 for for). The best text message that can characterize this benighted generation that elected Obama is to not characterize them as Millenials, or the Zombie Generation, but to give them the moniker of the "IDK" generation. As noted, they do not think being informed is important. Apparently, the Obama administration believes the same.

In an ear that is awash with information-much of it free-they choose to remain blissfully ignorant. Coddled and praised since they were in the crib, oblivious about the need to get degrees in fields that will lead to jobs-they would rather in many cases freeload off mom, dad, or the welfare state they have voted into power. The Greatest Generation that came back from war with a burning desire to lift themselves up has been replaced by a group of people who have little or no desire to do the same. They have led a life of comfort so they never realized the need to educate oneself, generate a work ethic, learn about taxes and the economy, and develop and cultivate the ideals and values needed to become productive people-to become citizens in the best sense that honor our heritage.

They are the walking dead. And, like a lot of dead people in Chicago, they will continue to vote for Democrats till Kingdom Come.

And the rest of us will be paying the price for many years to come.

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