Will the scandals hurt Obama and the Democrats?

They won't among a large group of Americans--and that explains a lot about our nation and about why Obama was elected. Scandals may be multiplying as quickly as the national debt has under President Obama but he can be rest assured: his base is oblivious to all the news, to facts and to the damage he has inflicted on them and the rest of us. This willful ignorance will help insulate Democrats from suffering in the midterm elections. Jim McTague writes an insightful column in Barron's: Will the young voters tune out because of the scandals? Michael Hais and Morley Winograd, who have written three well-received books on the millennials and their impact on the Democratic Party, believe the scandals will have almost no effect on this generation. For one thing, the millennials do not share their parents' suspicions of big, intrusive government. Hais and Winograd say that the millennials see a role for the federal government to set down rules of behavior, like parents, for ...(Read Full Post)