This column from John Kass deserves a Pulitzer

The writer who (I think) coined the term "Chicago Way" to describe the tactics of Barack Obama and his aides has written what should be an award winning column on the significance of the IRS scandal. John Kass has been reporting on the Chicago political machine for many years and has been familiar with the tactics employed by the Machine to destroy those who cross it. The Internal Revenue Service scandal now devouring the Obama administration -- the outrageous use of the federal taxing authority to target tea party and other conservatives -- certainly makes for meaty partisan politics. But this scandal is about more than partisanship. It's bigger than whether the Republicans win or the Democrats lose. It's even bigger than President Barack Obama. Yes, bigger than Obama. It is opening American eyes to the fundamental relationship between free people and those who govern them. This one is about the Republic and whether we can keep it. And it started me thinking of years ago, of...(Read Full Post)