Press shocked by their spawn

What a whirlwind week?!  The media is dizzy trying to understand how so many swirling scandals were able to brew below the surface and boil over all about the same time.

While the mainstream media is reaching for smelling salts, Democrats are stunned that anyone actually noticed, establishment Republicans are wondering if this Obama skullduggery could get them some positive media exposure, genuine conservatives are howling for action and justice, and the grassroots Tea Party groups are bewildered why it took so long for everyone to catch up.  And finally, average Americans are asking, "what the heck is going on?"

Congressman Kevin Brady (R, TX) actually asked former IRS Commissioner, Steven Miller, "Is this still America?"

First off, king Barack I's regime is so overexposed in every corner of the media, that "Obama is wonderful" fatigue is palpable; everything that glitters is not gold.  Secondly, the mainstream media is shocked that there could even be a scandal; they just can't accept any tarnish on the shiny king.  And thirdly, the American people are taking notice and actually wondering about all this mess.

Some are speculating that this terrible triad of Obama scandals, Benghazi failures, IRS abuses, and monitoring AP phones has reached critical mass and now threatens the second term of the king's reign.  The scandals are certainly real, but they are not new and they are not alone.  The media can scarce take in the gravity and magnitude of the current situation, but that's because they made it all possible by turning a blind eye to any and every questionable move by the king and his ministers.

The mainstream media pooh-poohed or ignored an exhaustive list of missteps and misdeeds:  Failure to prosecute Black Panther voter intimidation, Fast & Furious illegal gun running, unconstitutional recess appointments, Homeland Security cornering the ammunition market, Solyndra and many other special loan deals for political friends, all manner of shenanigans from Obama's time in Chicago, and the list goes on and on.  But, it goes on and on without any real or thorough investigation.

Therein lies the rub.  The press is suddenly aghast the Obama regime could be so arrogantly obstinate and seemingly incompetent, and God forbid actually corrupt!  But, the press created this monster.  This is absolutely the demon child of the mainstream media.  They coddled and petted the boy king and his ministers and glowed about every little step of the infant regime.  Their baby could do no wrong!

Like parents intensely spoiling a child, the press is astonished their chosen one, their creation could possibly act so poorly.  The press have done king Barack and his ministers a great disservice by never setting any limits or demanding any discipline.  Over the past five years, the Obama regime has grown to think they can do anything they like with impunity.  Mostly because the press allowed and fostered that attitude.

Obama aide, Bruce Pfeiffer, summed it up on ABC's This Week Front & Center: "the law is irrelevant."  It only matters what the regime thinks and what they tell us to think - even the media.  Administration arrogance has become so breathtaking the press is now taken aback.

The concept that "the law is irrelevant" is a very troubling development for everyone; the media is stunned by this abusive overreach of executive power.  America is a nation of laws exactly to guard against the capricious whims of renegade rulers.  So now, the media is faced with the unsettling prospect of not knowing where regime power abuses could go or where they might end.

The moment of reckoning is upon the mainstream media:  Will they take this opportunity to right this terribly listing ship of state and force the regime to return to the realm of laws?  Or, will they continue to acquiesce or even facilitate these mounting abuses of power until the lawless nature of the king's regime totaling eclipses the Constitution and the Obama Administration either implodes under the weight of the their corruption or explodes into unfettered oppression propelled by the abject absence of accountability?

The partisan hacks from all sides are in full combat mode, but the reality is that any administration allowed unchecked power will ultimately devolve into arrogant corruption.  Nixon or Obama, it's never pretty.