The IRS storyline after the Senate hearing yesterday

After the Senate Finance Committee hearings on Tuesday May 21, what is the storyline on the IRS targeting Tea Party applications for tax exempt status? Let's list some key events in table form (there is more complete timeline in the May 19 American Thinker: 1. Nov 2008 Obama elected president 2. Feb 2009 Rick Santelli says in a rant on CNBC we need a Tea Party (referring to the original Tea Party in 1773) to mobilize the interests of the public that is not on the inside in Washington 3. Apr 2009 launched - a step toward defining the Tea Party idea 4. Feb  2010 Citizens United Supreme Court judgment issued 5. Mar 2010 Alleged increase in demand for 504 (c) (4) exemptions, although the specific numbers are not clear 6. Mar 2010 IRS Determinations Unit in Cincinnati begins to target applications of conservative groups 7. Aug 2010 Ron Paul outlines Tea Party foreign policy in Foreign Policy...(Read Full Post)