The Obama administration does not like reporters who work outside of 'the tank'

President Obama "selective appreciation" of the First Amendment is on full display again.  Check out your neighborhood music store because the dark side of "hope and change" has just been released.

It's hard to believe that there is anybody out there still caught up in the "hope and change" farce. 

Yes, it was always a farce and the last two weeks confirm it.

We learned that James Rosen of FOX News was the DOJ's latest target:

"The Fox News Channel is outraged over new revelations that three of its reporting staffers were targeted by the U.S. Department of Justice in criminal investigations related to their attempts to obtain information from government sources."

Add to this the IRS targeting conservative groups, going after AP phone records, intimidating whistle-blowers over Benghazi & "Fast & Furious" and you have an administration with  very "thin skin."

At the end of the day, the Obama administration does not like reporters, whistle-blowers or anyone who challenges their narrative.    

However, a free press is part of an open society.  In fact, this is why many of us criticized the media over the last couple of years.  We felt that the media was "in the tank for Obama" and not doing its job of challenging those in power, whether there is a "D or R" after their names.  

For example, I was extremely critical of Spanish media reporters who would not challenge President Obama's talking points about immigration. 

In other words, President Obama was allowed by Spanish speaking media reporters to get away with blaming the GOP despite having Democrat majorities to vote up and down on a reform.

Of course, President Obama's selective interpretaion of the First Amendment did not start in May 2013.  The seeds for this were planted a few years ago.

We take you back to the early days of the Obama administration and how they singled out FOX News and Rush Limbaugh.   Of course, it does not matter whether you like FOX or Limbaugh.  I don't like MSNBC & The New York Times but support their right to exist and do whatever they choose to do.  It's a free country for me and those who I disagree with.

The message was clear from the day that "hope and change" came to town.  This is an administration that does not like people who refuse to drink their Kool Aid.

This is a president who likes people to scream "yes we can" no matter what he says or what he accomplishes.   

He also has a selective sense of civility.  He gave a speech in Arizona after that terrible shooting but has never challenged his base to stop name calling.

This is a man who loves adoring crowds and reporters who carry his water.  He does not care for those reporters who choose to do their jobs outside of the tank.

We are watching some rather amazing episodes of abuse of power.  I just hope that there are enough Americans willing to say "enough is enough."

Again, the dark side of "hope and change" has just been released and it includes a special foreword from Sol Alinsky and a complimentry sermon from Rev Wright.

By the way, wonder what Senator Obama would be saying from the US Senate floor if the Bush administration had targeted NY Times reporters for talking to government sources?  I think that he would have made a big deal of it.

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