Terrorist Bombings do not a Terrorist Make

The Washington Post has a lengthy record of avoidance of the "T"- for terrorism word when reporting terrorist threats and terrorist attacks by terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezb'allah. Post reporters have gone to great lengths to find mellow euphemisms for the "T" word -- with "militant" the favorite substitute. It's not that the Post has applied a universal ban on the "T" word -- only when it comes to terrorist perpetrators targeting Israelis. Now, in a bit of a semantic breakthrough, the Post finally has recognized that Israel indeed faces terrorist threats -- notably by Hezb'allah. Reporter Joby Warrick, in a May 8 article, tells Post readers that, in response to Israeli airstrikes in Syria against Hezb'allah-bound advanced weapons, Hezb'allah may retaliate with "terrorist attacks on Israeli tourists." Not "militant" attacks, but "terrorist" attacks. ("Officials fear 'shadow war' after strikes on Syria," front page) And this is not the only use of the "T" word in Warrick's...(Read Full Post)