Rome Dodges a Fascist Bullet

A major election surprise in Rome may have crunched the close-to-fascist movement of Beppe Grillo, a very nasty character indeed.  Grillo received 39% of the Roman vote in the last election for the Italian parliament, and he quickly tried to imitate Mussolini's march on Rome a few weeks later.  But in today's election for mayor of Rome, Grillo's "movement" crashed: early results today show only 12% going for Grillo's candidate. Grillo's blog immediately talked about a "coup d'état" against the people.  He was able to raise 20,000 people for a mass demonstration in Rome.  But today's election results are a big punch in his nose. What happened?  It looks like the Italian and European media caught on to Grillo's underground campaign, in which teenagers as young as 16 were indoctrinated with bizarre beliefs in closed chatrooms, probably fed to Grillo by Iranian intelligence, exploiting the very real suffering and misgovernment that have plunged half of Europe...(Read Full Post)