Steve Rose on Obama's Arrogance

"President Obama's arrogance is undoing his presidency," by columnist Steve Rose, appeared on the op-ed page of Sunday's print edition of the Kansas City Star. It's a surprisingly frank assessment from a journalist few would think of as a conservative. Rose focuses his column on the three big scandals now plaguing the Obama administration; here's a taste:

What Barack Obama has lacked from the beginning is humility, and what he has displayed consistently is arrogance.

He could have nipped the Benghazi fiasco in the bud, but Obama apparently decided that since only Fox News was beating the drums for the truth, he could finesse the ugly matter. ...

It was sheer arrogance that turned a tragedy into a scandal.

This same arrogance bled into an Internal Revenue Service politically motivated witch hunt on Obama's watch. ...

The Justice Department "spying" on The Associated Press is but another example of this toxic "we know what's best" approach that thrives under Obama.

After treating the big three scandals, Rose writes: "as bad as these examples look, the poster child for arrogance is, appropriately enough, Obamacare." Rose then details recent ramifications of that arrogant law.

American Thinker regulars will appreciate Rose's insightful column.

Jon N. Hall is a programmer/analyst from Kansas City. 

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