Peddling the Arab League Peace Plan

To read the Washington Post account of Secretary of State John Kerry's flirtation with a new Arab League peace plan, one would think this is really and finally the key to an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's cool response is rather puzzling and unwarranted ("Israel's Netanyahu responds coolly to Arab League land-swap initiative" by William Booth, May 2, page A10) Booth touts the latest version of the Arab League plan as an important and positive breakthrough. Instead of insisting that Israel withdraw completely from all lands conquered in 1967 -- from the entire West Bank and all of East Jerusalem -- Arab leaders now have opened the door to minor land swaps. Israeli settlement blocs right across the 1967 line presumably could remain in Israel. Booth's account includes high praise from the Palestinian Authority and encouraging responses from opposition leaders in Israel. What's really not to like is the impression left with Post...(Read Full Post)