NYT Decrees Nonexistence of Palestinian Terrorism

On Tuesday, April 30, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict served up two more fatalities. A Palestinian terrorist stabbed an Israeli father of five to death. In another incident, an Israeli airstrike killed a senior Palestinian terrorist, who manufactured rockets and explosive devices for terrorist groups in Gaza and was involved in rocket strikes against Eilat, a resort in southern Israel. But this is not how the New York Times reported these two events on its Tuesday website. At no time did Times correspondents Isabel Kershner and Fares Akram describe the assailant of the Israeli father as a terrorist. Similarly, at no times did the Times article indicate that the Israeli Air Force eliminated a top terrorist in Gaza. Here's how the Times went about breaking the news to its readers, starting with the headline: "Israeli airstrike Kills Palestinian in Gaza." Two immediate observations -- No mention that an Israeli was killed, while the dead Palestinian is scrubbed of any involvement in...(Read Full Post)