NY Times defames Sheldon Adelson

When it comes to political labels to describe public figures, the New York Times has a vocabulary all its own -- pejorative adjectives for conservatives; soft, deferential adjectives for liberals. It's all part and parcel of a left-wing bias in what purport to be the paper's "news" articles. To wit, the latest example: In its May 20 edition, the Times runs an article by Jerusalem bureau chief Jodi Rudoren about the ups and downs of Yair Lapid, a charismatic newcomer to Israeli politics, whose political star crested when voters made his party the second largest in the Knesset, but whose star more recently has been on a precipitous decline ("Fresh Israeli Face Plays Down Dimming of Political Star" page A4). Why has Lapid's popularity gone south, aside from the fact that as finance minister in the governing coalition of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he is pushing an austerity drive of raising taxes while cutting spending? "One of the things that led some people to turn on Mr....(Read Full Post)