Euphemism alert!

Maybe Eric Holder wasn't wrong when he called us a nation of cowards when it comes to discussing race. Certainly, that is evident in coverage of an annual gathering of young blacks in Miami Beach, called "Urban Beach Week." It is necessary for journalists writing about race to deploy euphemisms to avoid stating the plain truth, writing in code, so as to avoid being accused of racism (by people who find themselves generally in agreement with Eric Holder). See for example this from NBC 6 Miami, written by Eric Litz: Thirteen years after it began, Urban Beach Week is back again in full force this weekend. Tens of thousands of revelers will flock to Miami Beach beginning Friday for the annual giant block party. Some businesses aren't interested in the massive influx of partiers. Others accommodate the crowds, like Adrian Gonzalez, owner of David's Cafe on Collins Avenue in the heart of the entertainment district. Miami Beach Police Ready for Urban Beach Weekend "It's a good...(Read Full Post)