The West's Timidity in the Face of Terrorism

There have been two high profile terrorist attacks in Europe in the past week, both against soldiers, and both with edged weapons. So much for gun bans.

The first attack, in Woolwich, UK on, was by far the most notorious (and celebrated, in many circles). British soldier and father Lee Rigby was hit with a car, and then finished with a meat cleaver, a tool known for its hacking prowess. Following the attack, one attacker talks surprisingly coherent smack to an onlooker's camera phone, before being gunned down by police upon their arrival twenty minutes later.

"Your governments don't care about you!" exclaimed the blood soaked Somali gentleman, in an unmistakeable London accent. Adorned in a dapper overcoat, the man indeed appeared a model of multiculturalism.

In the second, a French soldier on anti-terror patrol near Paris was stabbed by a younger bearded man, dressed in Mid-Eastern garb. The wound was serious, but thankfully not fatal.

Across The Pond

Americans of an anti-terror bent are quick to point to these incidents as further proof of the Islamization of Europe, and to harshly judge the men of Europe's meek response. Before we judge their response too harshly, a review of our own recent man-caused disasters might be in order.

We have now found that Maj Nadal Hassan, US Army, has been paid $278,000 since his one-man jihad on Fort Hood. Hassan injured 32  people, and killed 13 using firearms. All Army posts are very nearly gun-free zones; certainly no one was carrying a concealed weapon, save the shooter. One of the first substantive statements made by the top general in the Army at the time, George Casey was that "... as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that's worse."

The dollars of Massachusetts taxpayers funded the Boston Marathon bombing; both of the Tsarnaev brothers took government benefits in the form of college grants and food stamps.

The truth is that most Westerners simply don't have the moral courage to criticize another culture, no matter how repugnant to humanity many of its adherents are.

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