Dear Maureen and Margaret: You saw the Potemkin village in 2008

It is amusing to watch liberals explain President Obama's troubles, dilemmas and contradictions.  This is even more entertaining now that his administration is going after reporters, "outdoing Nixon" with the IRS and sticking with so many of the Bush policies that they hated so much.

Back in 2008, he was cool, thoughtful, and just the kind of man that the US needed after 8 years of "Cowboy Bush" and "Meanie Cheney".

He was the man who would make us popular again.  After all, didn't he draw large crowds in Europe when he made a "rock star" tour that summer of "hope and change" and "yes we can" chants? 

I remember one lady supporter of Obama in Dallas say to me:  "They were crying in Europe when he spoke!.  How impressive!" 

We've come a long way from those days of Obamania. We are now in what women would call the "my guy does not lift the toilet seat when he goes to the bathroom" stage.

Yes, the dream is over. 

Maureen Dowd wrote today that Obama could be the President of Scandinavia.  I guess that she means that Obama is not very comfortable with getting involved in the dirty work of politics, such as "deal making" with the GOP or asking a Democrat in a red state for his opinions about gun control.   He does not have time for that!

Margaret Carlson, another one of those ladies who really fell for the cool & aloof man of 2008, is now telling President Obama to "start sweating the small stuff."  Margaret's "small stuff" includes using the IRS to attack conservatives and going after reporters.  By the way, would she be calling that "small stuff" if Bush was doing it?  Probably not!

The problem is beyond personality style ("too cool to sweat") or what other region of the world (Scandinavia) would have been better suited for Obama. 

The real problem is that he is "in over his head", as many Democrats used to say in 2008.  Remember President Clinton calling it a "fairy tale'? 

President Obama's #1 problem is that he was not ready for this very difficult job called the presidency.  He was not ready.   He had never been a 'boss."   He also does not seem very interested in surrounding himself with people who could help him be the "boss." He'd rather have Valerie Jarett be the "gate keeper" and let "preppy yes we can screamers" shower him with acolades.

Wonder if Valerie even lets his senior staff come in and talk to him?   We have now learned that the senior staff did not tell him about the IRS scandal, the AP or the James Rosen story.  Also, let's not forget that nobody told him about those 2,000 high powered weapons that crossed an international border and ended up with Mexican cartels.

My advice to the liberals is simple:  Gulp and say it!   It was always a Potemkin village, or "something that appears elaborate and impressive but in actual fact lacks substance."

Sorry but he was too good to be true in 2008!  Sorry that you had to find out this way!