This is justice?

Many of us closely followed the Kermit Gosnell story.  In spite of the mainstream media's attempt to ignore this monster's horrendous crimes (as evidenced by the empty media gallery during the trial), involving the unspeakable murders of scores of babies born alive after surviving unsuccessful late-term abortions, we still read and listened to news reports from the sources that dared to report the story.

Gosnell was found guilty of three counts of first-degree murder and sentenced to spend the rest of his natural life in prison.  (Ironically, when it came time for sentencing, Gosnell forfeited his right to appeal his conviction in exchange for being sentenced to life in prison as opposed to the death penalty.  Funny how, all of sudden, Gosnell became "pro-life"!  His victims were never given that choice.)

This article is not about Gosnell, but rather about his employee, Adrienne Moton, who testified against him at trial.  Granted, without Ms. Moton's testimony, Gosnell may not have been convicted.  However, Ms. Moton testified as to how, under Gosnell's instruction, she herself killed at least ten babies.

Now, the concept of "plea-bargaining" makes sense when both sides of the plea bargain are reasonable.  And granted, Ms. Moton "gave something" to the prosecuting attorneys in agreeing to testify against Gosnell; in exchange, she would receive a lighter sentence for her part in the death of these infants.

Yet, this morning, we learn that she is free!  "Judge Benjamin Lerner released Moton this morning, after sentencing her to 28 months time served."

Twenty-eight months is roughly 2.8 months for each baby Moton admitted to killing.  Is that justice?  Is that all the life of an infant is worth?  What in the world were the prosecuting attorneys thinking of when they agreed to this hugely lopsided plea bargain?  Or was the decision to release Ms. Moton for "time served" solely the judge's decision?

"She said this morning that her role in the killings troubled her 'to [her] soul,'" according to J.D. Mullane, a reporter with the Bucks County (PA) Courier Times.  Troubled her to her soul?  When exactly did Ms. Moton first notice how troubled her soul was?  Was her "soul troubled" as she stood there with each baby's life in her hands -- when she could have made the decision for life?  Apparently not.  Was her "soul troubled" as she unceremoniously disposed of the baby's body after she murdered him?  Again, apparently not.  Was her "soul troubled" as she accepted her paycheck, including a $20 bonus (for each murder) given to Gosnell employees who agreed to participate in infanticide, as testified to by another Gosnell employee?  Nope!  It appears that Moton's soul became "troubled" on the day of her sentencing -- May 29, 2013.

When Ms. Moton realized what was going on at Gosnell's clinic, that should have been the time for her quit her job and report the monster to authorities.  We did not hear any testimony that Gosnell attempted to hide his horrifying practices from his employees.  Ms. Moton did not have to remain Gosnell's employee -- she chose to continue working there and participating in the horrific practices carried out in Gosnell's clinic.  In accepting her paycheck, she was, in essence, saying she was okay with what was going on there.

An attorney for another Gosnell employee said, "Gosnell surrounded himself with mentally damaged women and exercised hypnotic, almost 'Svengali control'" over them.  So are we to believe that upon Gosnell's arrest, this alleged "hypnotic control" was broken, and these women all of a sudden realize that participating in infanticide is wrong?  Maybe this is when Ms. Moton became "troubled to her soul."  It seems that a person would have to be truly psychotic to stand there with a living, breathing baby in her hands and deliberately end the life of that infant!

Upon hearing the judge's ruling of Ms. Moton's sentence as "time served," her father shouted, "Hallelujah!"  His daughter, for all intent and purposes, just "got away with murder!"  And he's shouting "Hallelujah"?

That "Hallelujah" was misplaced.  It should have been shouted in Gosnell's clinic each time a baby managed to survive one of Gosnell's abortions!