Dear Maureen and Margaret: You saw the Potemkin village in 2008

It is amusing to watch liberals explain President Obama's troubles, dilemmas and contradictions.  This is even more entertaining now that his administration is going after reporters, "outdoing Nixon" with the IRS and sticking with so many of the Bush policies that they hated so much. Back in 2008, he was cool, thoughtful, and just the kind of man that the US needed after 8 years of "Cowboy Bush" and "Meanie Cheney". He was the man who would make us popular again.  After all, didn't he draw large crowds in Europe when he made a "rock star" tour that summer of "hope and change" and "yes we can" chants?  I remember one lady supporter of Obama in Dallas say to me:  "They were crying in Europe when he spoke!.  How impressive!"  We've come a long way from those days of Obamania. We are now in what women would call the "my guy does not lift the toilet seat when he goes to the bathroom" stage. Yes, the dream is over.  Maureen...(Read Full Post)